Monday, June 7, 2010

Justified And Ancient

The first week I did two days commuting by bike, and took four days off.

Last week I cycled Wednesday to Friday, and was very pleased with myself for not having been on the tube for a week. But yesterday I was still pretty achy and complainy, so MCMLXX (Mrs MCMLXVII) suggested I leave it another day. Actually there's a lovely mathematical symmetry to that suggestion, in terms of building up my tolerance:

Week 1 - 2 days on, 4 off
Week 2 - 3 days on, 3 off
Week 3 - 4 days on, 2 off
Week 4 - 5 days on....?

Okay, so TOMORROW then. Yes. Just don't ask why my weeks have six days. Shh.

Yay! My Dad sent me a new saddle for my birthday. Thanks Dad! Despite what I was saying last week about sticking with the same saddle, in the end I actually went for the same brand (Selle seems to be a perfectly reasonable mid-market brand) but a slightly slimmer one than the original - and it's gender-specific, supposed to be better for one's gentleman's area. Let's see what difference that makes.

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