Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Daddy There's A Car Beside Me

Within a minute of collecting my daughter MMVII from nursery on the bike for the first time, we were sitting at the traffic lights and a car pulled up alongside. "Daddy?" she said. "Look. There's a car beside me."

I do worry about taking her out in London traffic. But of course I think yes it is a good idea. I'm giving her a healthier Dad. I'm giving her some road sense. I'm helping bequeath her generation a slightly less polluted, fucked up environment. It's also the quickest way between home and nursery, it's better quality time together than on the tube - and she enjoys it.

Safety-wise, I think I'm doing everything that's possible - short of not cycling - to keep her safe. We both wear helmets, I've got plenty of lights, my new pannier bag is bright fluorescent yellow, and I've got a pretty good route worked out now. By myself I might be a bit more adventurous - need to be, with Covent Garden and Soho to negotiate - but for her part of the journey, between Bermondsey and Waterloo East, it's almost entirely quiet back roads. TfL's Central London cycling map was useful, and pointed out some tricks and alleys I hadn't thought of, so we're in a pretty good place right now.

And when they've QUITE finished with the whole Blackfriars Station business, it'll be even better.

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