Thursday, June 3, 2010

The (Back) Passage Of Time

It’s funny how time takes its toll. Having nothing but time, of course, it does it very slowly: a wobble here, a creak there, an ache somewhere else.. over the years it all adds up. You don’t really notice each one, but all them pigeon pies come home to roost when you try to do something you used to do as a matter of course twenty years ago.

So by Friday last week - after a mere twenty miles over two days - my arse really knew about me being Back Pedalling. Because I’m not fit I rest my weight on my saddle much more than a regular cyclist would, putting unaccustomed pressure on soft and sensitive parts. Combined with aching thigh muscles, that’s a definite Ooh. But I had a long four day weekend with no cycling, and by the end of it all that was just a memory. It’s now Thursday daytime, so I’ve done fifteen miles this week and, do you know, I think I’m toughening up already? Not perfect - still a little tender here and there - but definite progress.

So if you go for a ride for the first time in years, and it hurts like hell, don’t give up. You will get over it.

As it happens I need a new saddle anyway, as the Selle Royal saddle that came with the bike is leaking “Royal Gel”. Yuk. So I’ve looked into it a bit and from what I’ve read on the web, it’s very much horses for courses: a saddle that suits one person might be torture for another. I’m pretty happy with the one I have so I’ll probably just swap like for like.

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