Friday, August 13, 2010


After spending quite a lot of time cycling behind other people, I’ve concluded that there are three distinct categories of jiggle:

The No Jiggle
The hard-bodied lycra brigade do not have an ounce of fat on them, so when they go over a bump... absolutely nothing happens. This is mildly upsetting. They should get out less.

The Full Body Jiggle
Conversely, people like me who are cycling ‘to get back in trim’ (i.e. fat buggers) have a very visible response to a bump or pothole. Firstly minor tremors radiate out from the epicentre. Then there is the Full Body Jiggle: while most of the body follows the movement of the bicycle, large soft bits round the middle follow a couple of seconds behind. This looks slightly amazing actually, as if suspension were involved - but also mildly upsetting, mainly because I know that’s what other people see when I go over a bump.

The Just A Little Jiggle
I’ve only ever really noticed this on women. It’s.. um.. very nice. Do you mind if I follow you down this cobbled street?

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